Praid days

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On the occasion of the Praid days, everybody from the village gathers together, even people from other countries with origins from Praid come home for this event. Visitors can participate in a running race, dance groups from the surrounding villages provide colorful shows and in the evening several concerts take place for the youth or […]

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Lady Rapson’s castle and Áprily’s fountain


Several legends were born about the ruins of this castle, which is situated north-east about 10 km from Praid. These legends inspired famous writers such as JókaiMór and MikszáthKálmán, but some scientific facts were explored only in the seventies of the last century. It is considered to have been one of the fortresses of the […]

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Cabbage festival


A lot of teams, whose biggest desire is to show the world their cooking skills, are gathering together for this festival in September each year. This year’s festival will be the 18th edition. Visitors can find all kinds of stuffed cabbages: tiny, little, big and huge. Some of the recipes are secret some are available […]

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Tropical butterfly house


In Eastern Europe people may not be familiar with the idea of the butterfly house. It’s no wonder, because the origin of the butterfly houses dates back to 30 years from now. The story of the butterfly houses began in England, when the first one was built in Dorset in 1978.

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Swimming pool

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The surface of this facility is in total 5200 square meters of which 1942 square meters are the water surface. There are two pools for children, starting with the depth of 60 cm and gradually getting deeper to 90 cm then reaching the maximum depth of 1,2 m. The relaxing area takes 2478 square meters […]

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The Salt Canyon

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The Corund stream cut the salt block in Praid in two, creating in this way the Salt Canyon, where visitors have the opportunity to admire various salt formations on the surface, taste salt springs and try the renovated traditional salty mud bath.

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The salt mine


The therapy room is on level 50, at a depth of 120 meters. The shuttle bus transports the visitors through a 1250 meter-long tunnel all the way down to the rooms dedicatedto speleo- and climatotherapy.

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